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your favourite drug
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Re: your favourite drug

I enjoyed:
Acid (let's not call it LSD, it was probably something a scary guy in a tracksuit made with barnyard chemicals). Amazing journeys into outer space, silver worlds, swaying walls and a pure hatred of the manufactured world.

Mushrooms - listened to Dots and Loops on this stuff. What an experience. Holy moly, I could never hate that record after that. I went up, down and all around and into a world through the speakers.

Pot. But I don't like smoking (not that it stopped me). Eating it is damn intense though. It often flattened me. Tripped right out some times.

E (let's not call it ecstacy, it was probably something a scary guy in a tracksuit made with barnyard chemicals). This stuff was so unpredictable. Sometimes it would flatten me, other times I would dance like a maniac. Add a bit of speed and I would go too long and wake up with oily pants, ground teeth, too much beer, bongs at 7am and a feeling that another pill would help. But it was great when it peaked and everything went staccato.

Alcohol. Too much sometimes. Not really the drug of choice but it is legal and highly social. Good for meeting women.

I did not like:
Speed on its own. Paranoia and teeth ground to a gritty paste.

Cocaine. Only ever had a little bit but it seemed like an expensive ho-hum. I am sure there is good stuff somewhere.

Cigarettes. What is the point?

Coffee. Dis-gusting

Amyl nitrate. A blood rush followed by a splitting headache. Let's party.

I never had:
heroin. Saw too many people mess up their lives on this stuff. I could never do needles (nor snort for that matter) but those that do seem to get more addicted than any other method. People who are needle addicts generally become completely selfish in my experience.

pharmaceuticals. I tried some diet tablets once that were speed but otherwise, no. Benzos, Rohys and whatever, it seemed too desperate and I was never that desperate.

Now I have nothing. Except tea (and I feel no effects) and the odd beer or wine.

Oct 13, 2011, 12:15


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