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15 random STEREOLAB thoughts or things
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15 random STEREOLAB thoughts or things

1. Metronomic Underground was the first Stereolab song I heard.

2. I heard it on college radio while dyeing a friend's hair blue.

3. I don't have a lot of Stereolab vinyl, but I envy those who do.

4. my boyfriend's cat chewed on the corner of my Free Witch and No-Bra queen 7 inch.

5. the only Stereolab song my roommate enjoys is St Elmo's Fire. so random.

6. I was indifferent about Laetitia's new haircut, but I quite like it now.

7. Laetitia is my favorite vocalists and so is Liz Fraser of Cocteau Twins. I find it really bizarre that they both decided to cover "At Last I am Free" which I don't find to be rather exceptional.

8. I almost got to a see a soundcheck for a Stereolab show, but it didn't work out.

9. I really wish I had a Margerine Eclipse tour t-shirt; the one that was brown and orange.

10. I stopped using my Stereolab coffee mug this year as I'm quite fearful it will break.

11. I honestly enjoy about 98% of Stereolab's work.

12. I don't enjoy Good is Me, Margerine Rock or Silver Sands very much.

13. it would be fun to hear now and then about what Tim and Laetitia are listening to.

14. I'm sad that Laetitia and Trish Keenan never did a duet.

15. I think there will be more songs.

Oct 16, 2011, 20:58