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Hello and Kind Regards to all.
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Re: I will be nice to you now

I haven't got around to hearing any live acts yet but I reckon you're right about the impact of the live sound, I tend to lean towards the more ambient side of the genre especially 'Troum' at the moment (incredible atmospherics).
A manly sound? I think I know what you mean, interesting term! I can't say I've really thought about it before but I can say that my wife really enjoys Nadja though who seem to specialise in huge distorted guitar feedback sounds, and the vocals (what little there is of them) are sung gently.
I'm always exploring new genres and getting whatever enjoyment I can from them, about 6 months ago all I was listening to was Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Weather Report and Herbie Hancock but I haven't played a jazz album for a while now and 6 months before that it was all Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Faust and Cluster, I wonder what genre is next on the menu for me.
Do you explore different genres very often?
thanks for your replies Hito, kind regards Joe.

Oct 25, 2011, 20:45


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