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Hello and Kind Regards to all.
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Re: Time to relax

I really am sick to death of you and your bullshit. You want a war? - ok - bring it on.

hito wrote:
Well, this is my last post on the matter.

To get matters straight, on the 14th of Oct you said things to a person who openly hates lereostab:

I can reply to anyone I wish. Who the hell do you think you are to dictate who anyone should or should not correspond with?. You really live up to your name Hiro Hito - a demi god dictator who subjected an entire nation into worshipping him as a devine being.

hito wrote:
God still loves you though 78...but I think you have enough kind regards to last you until his second coming"

I happen to agree with Mu Mu that Joe's cloying christian faux brotherly/sisterly love is bloody irritating. He is fair game when he states that people 'worship the false god of science' and then waxes lyrical about the wonders of CRT technology. I respect his candid openness about the suffering he has experienced in his life and how he has dealt with that. I never would suggest that I think of him as a friend - I am totally opposed to what he stands for, but we have some similar tastes in music - and that is what this forum is about isn't it? MUSIC.

hito wrote:
It was nasty and unthinking

It was cynical and sarcastic - but it definitely was not 'unthinking' I meant every word of it and still stand by it.

hito wrote:
Then on the 17th, lereostab comes back and you are all friendly. I pointed out that you were being duplicitous with a link. I will admit that I could have chosen not to link those ideas but I felt like pointing it out because I thought you were being nasty and I dislike duplicity.

Anyone can do that. You yourself have said some nasty and sarcastic things to others - vodka5 for just one example. I could post things you have said about him in exactly the same way - but why should I? - it's fucking boring and pointless. You think he's a waste of space - fine - so what?.

hito wrote:
The interesting thing is that I didn't need to say anything for the meaning to be interpreted by all who read it, including you.

I didn't need to 'interpret' it you idiot - I wrote it.

hito wrote:
lereostab asked me to leave it be, so I did with a smile and a wink.

Because you are essentially a coward who can't handle confrontation - if the world was run by people like you we would be living under a worldwide religio-fascist dictatorship by now.

hito wrote:
Unable to contain yourself, you let fly with a series of posts where you abused me,

yes - because you abuse me with your innuendo and cowardly habit of hiding behind the people you think are your 'allies' to make ridiculous comments based on distortions of my words to suit your purpose.

hito wrote:
...challenged lereostab to have the guts to confront you,

Yes quite right too - If he has a problem with anything I say he should take it up with me or SHUT UP. Instead of making snide and cowardly comments to others like 'spot on mate, cheers Joe'. Why are you still going on about this bullshit? - are you Joe's officially appointed spokesperson - he has a free will of his own doesn't he?. Unlike you he is an adult who has matured through the process of learning by his mistakes and having the courage to change himself - I am bloody certain he doesn't need a pettifogging obsessive pedant like you to do his dirty work.

...ranted and raved about how you and lereostab were friends and I had ruined that friendship and accused me of having a temper tantrum.[/quote]

What utter bollocks - I never claimed to be a friend of Joe's - and never would. But again, this is a MUSIC get it? M-U-S-I-C forum. You don't have to like someone to find their music taste interesting.

hito wrote:
You also drew sustenance from rael in the vain hope that everything would be all right.[/quote]

Are you again daring to suggest that I am only allowed to respond to the posts you approve of? - you poor insecure small minded little idiot. You are the classic bully - a coward yourself who only finds strength in trying to control others, by trying to humiliate them, negate their opinion and distort their words.

hito wrote:
I would honestly say to you, any time you want to end this hyperbole and stick to "discussing" as your avatar suggests, I am happy to do so.[/quote]

We have proved time and time again that it is impossible to 'discuss' anything with any positivity - your block-headed idealism makes any real debate absolutely pointless and a waste of time. If you continue to bad mouth me in other threads though, and make cowardly sarcastic comments about me - then yes make no mistake, you will have a royal battle on your hands.

hito wrote:
We will disagree more often than not from what I can tell but the challenge for you is to stand by your own words:[/quote]

fuck off with your challenges - I don't give a toss about your challenges - speak for yourself. If you can't handle confrontation - don't ask for it.

[quote="hito"]"If you postulate a view on an open forum (especially one from a groop of artists who specifically espouse freedom, equality and brother/sisterhood) you must expect debate."

I couldn't have said it

Me neither.

[quote="hito"]I write this in full knowledge that you will probably either:

a) respond angrily
nore it[/quote]

There you go again trying to limit your own vulnerability by trying to control the situation and tell people what to say - really you are so childish. What was the trauma in your life when you were young - did you lose someone vital to your development at an early age? serious illness - what?. You have never had the courage to let even a tiny glimpse of who you actually are slip out here and I have to wonder why that is.

[quote="hito"]but let's hope next time a discussion comes up about piracy, religion, war, economics or philosphy we can challenge each other in t

The next time ANY discussion comes up here or anywhere else I will discuss it in any way I choose. The one thing I hold sacred in this mad bad world of ours is freedom of speech. And before you dredge up posts about that hypocrite hero of yours Julian Assange, yes I believe that freedom of speech can also be in secret if thousands of peoples' lives depend on it. But that is not the case here is it? - try to get things in proportion - this is not the United Nations, you are not Ban Ki Moon and in the not too distant future all of the twittering expended on here in the cause of enthusiasm for music will be lost to the four winds....

Oct 25, 2011, 21:05


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