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Hello and Kind Regards to all.
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Fair question

cyberpainter wrote:
Hito, even though various people on the forum might sometimes be rude, unthinking, arrogant, even abusive, insane, etc etc, and sometimes people call them on it, sometimes they can't be bothered to do it, sometimes they don't want to get involved, or don't want to feed the troll, etc etc... One thing is clear, in this case, you did bait someone this time out of the blue because you say you don't like hypocrisy. He was being friendly to someone, and you thought it necessary to remind everyone that he said something in an entirely different thread that was unfriendly.

I ask you this. What if you did this to someone who was talking in a friendly manner to someone else at a party? Would you go up to them and remind them that one of them said something not too nice earlier? How would they react and would it be an appropriate thing to do at that time?

I think I said I didn't want to say anymore but ok. I will try to reply without provoking another deluge.

I think I answered this question in the sense that I said my link was not necessary but I felt like posting it because I didn't like Dara's duplicity. I don't like hypocrisy, I don't just "say" I don't like it. It was a choice I made because of my beliefs. And in the end, all I did was use his own words. Like those who parodied GW Bush as a president by simply putting his own words and actions together in a video reel, I didn't make anything up, I didn't lie, I didn't insult, I didn't label. By all means, it was a critique but it was a critique performed by the the one who was being critiqued. In many ways I regret it now because of the strong reaction and hurt that I assume lereostab now feels.

If you take the party situation I have a couple of points:

a) I may say something at a party if I saw a friend talking to someobody who had backstabbed them before they got there. I doubt that I would always do it but if I felt that the person was being insincere and publicly insulting them, I may.

b) the fact that I wouldn't say something at a party may mean that I am weaker publicly than I should be. The fact that we don't confront people who publicly insult our friends is perhaps a weakness rather than a strength. Perhaps the internet is better in that way

In the end, the party might not be a great analogy. But if you ask me whether I would pull GaryB up for doing the same thing (not that he ever would), the answer is yes (the same goes for GaryB2). I don't deny your preamble, "people on the forum might sometimes be rude and sometimes people call them on it." That is just what I did.

And now that I have answered your question, let me ask you this as a person I respect (I think our differences are in the past).

Why would you pull me up on this and ask these questions of me? Why don't you even ask Dara why he is acting the way he is? Why don't you suggest to him that his behaviour towards lereostab was duplicitous and insincere (it was only three days apart and look how nasty he is being again just to save face)? Why don't you suggest to him that his manner towards me is hyperbolic and generally revolting? And not just in this thread where his string of invectives has far outweighed any crime you could perceive that I have committed, but in all threads where my attempt to discuss matters in a calm and rational manner has been met with vitriolic denunciation of me as a person? Why don't you tell him that it is clear to all that he is the one having a tantrum and that I clearly am not? Why don't you suggest to him that he take that olive branch? Why don't you suggest to him that he discuss philosophical matters without resorting to personal abuse? Why not tell rael to keep out of it? Are these things not "clear"?

As you have chosen to "get involved", why did you choose to "get involved" in this way? Why criticise my crime and not his many crimes? Why me and not Dara?

I know you are reasonable so I would like to hear what you have to say.

Oct 26, 2011, 03:09


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