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Hello and Kind Regards to all.
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Re: Fair question

cyberpainter wrote:
Because you did the same thing to me. So some of the things that Dara is saying, I have felt inside.(Though I don't like the rudeness in his responses, I think he should tone it way down, and I have implored cheesie many times over the years to as well.) I've been appalled at myself really, that I would allow someone like you to affect me in any way. When you blindsided me back then with the hurtful attack, it affected me. I'm a human being with feelings. So though I don't like the way he's acting, I can relate.

In the party scenario... The thing to do would be to not confront your friends in that way while they're having a friendly interaction. It would be more mature and in the nature of a social situation and friendship that you would allow the other people to find their way with each other. If you had a close personal friend and took him aside to let him know of something the other said that was really damaging behind his back, it might be important to do, depending on the nature of the friendship, the subject, and whether it would hurt more than it would help. Having empathy for the people around you in your life, is more important than high, abstract ideals that might hurt others. Being mindful and caring is a bit higher ideal than fighting hypocrisy where ever it leads you. We are all imperfect, no one is above making mistakes, but humiliating others is generally a petty way to live, in my opinion.

Oh well, as often happens on this forum, I could be forced to recount that situation with you again. You disappoint me with your description of that event as you don't outline the history (there was no "blind"side), what happened and your own part. But to be frank, I cannot be bothered getting the links again. You know what you did. Your mud can stick. You had your chance to argue the case and you have had your say. If you are still bitter about it, then I suggest you move on, as I thought you had.

But you have chosen to stick with the people who are rude beyond comprehension (a bracketed remark in two paragraphs is a clear indication that you support the tactics of Dara and "cheesie"). If you think that somebody who has abused me repeatedly on this forum (and I have not abused them) has been blindsided by me using their own words against them, then you and I have a different view on things. Watch him do it again and again in philosophical discussion knowing full well that you won't take him to task over it. If your moral compass is based on your own bitter view of your experiences with people you like and don't like, I disagree with you.

As for your party analogy, it might help if you understood that I cannot take somebody aside here. It doesn't work. I explained my point of view.

So that's that. I have stopped reading the replies from Dara and rael. On to the next topic. Have a nice a day, seriously.

Oct 26, 2011, 20:15


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