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Hello and Kind Regards to all.
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Re: hito - shito - hiro - hirohito - disco stringz,

Normsk wrote:
Could someone explain what is happening here? I posted around the time of Sound-Dust and vaguely remember Chocolate Cupcake and also
DISCO STRINGZ. I presume there are now multiple pseudonyms.

Hi Normsk - the was speculation a while ago about who was who from the old green forum. Hiro has consistently dredged up old threads and used them as weapons against me and several other forumites. I began to do some research into his past behaviour and I realised that he is a total hypocrite - in denial at his own trouble-making. Going further back in time I remembered there was another forum member who did the same thing with the same tiresome and disruptive effect.

I found posts by Disco Stringz which did the same thing as Hiro, and used the same semantic structures - and I feel sure he is one and the same person. It was/is a war between myself and Hiro - I am sick of his accusative, pig-headed nonsense and as he has attacked me with things I have said in past threads - I am defending myself with all the resources I have at my disposal.

Oct 26, 2011, 23:58


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