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Hello and Kind Regards to all.
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Re: hito - shito - hiro - hirohito - disco stringz,

Dara wrote:


I am sure that was one of his pseudonyms around the time Mary died. By triangulation using the internet archive and koly's still searchable forum - it is clearly him. The language is the same, he uses the very same pedantic accusatory tactics, at this time Chocolate Cupcake was one of his prime targets. I can see why he conveniently 'forgot' this identity - he irritated a lot of people back then too, particularly at the time leading up to the shut-down of the previous incarnation of the forum...

What?? You must be thinking of a different person from the discostringz on the green screen, who is a very sweet nice fella, but yeah he was a bit pedantic at times. No way they're the same, he doesn't even begin to like the same kinds of music for example. And I know disco from the gs very well. Hito ain't him. Unless there was another one with a similar name.

Oct 27, 2011, 03:38


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