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Hello and Kind Regards to all.
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Re: hito - shito - hiro - hirohito - disco stringz,

Dara wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Dara wrote:


I am sure that was one of his pseudonyms around the time Mary died. By triangulation using the internet archive and koly's still searchable forum - it is clearly him. The language is the same, he uses the very same pedantic accusatory tactics, at this time Chocolate Cupcake was one of his prime targets. I can see why he conveniently 'forgot' this identity - he irritated a lot of people back then too, particularly at the time leading up to the shut-down of the previous incarnation of the forum...

What?? You must be thinking of a different person from the discostringz on the green screen, who is a very sweet nice fella, but yeah he was a bit pedantic at times. No way they're the same, he doesn't even begin to like the same kinds of music for example. And I know disco from the gs very well. Hito ain't him. Unless there was another one with a similar name.

ok - I stand corrected and I apologise to all concerned.

oh that's disco stings? well we're friends. he sent me my first Go! Team CD with all these awesome harmonica songs you can't get in the USA. He thinks I'm a homophobe which is news to me.

Oct 28, 2011, 01:33


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