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Post classic dance tunes that still excite you!
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Re: Post classic dance tunes that still excite you!

lereostab wrote:
That sounds really interesting, do you release films?

As a creative person, I believe (contrary to the current flow) that the power of a piece of work is dependent on the connection it has with its initiator. This I must say is contrary to what Brian Eno said last week on bbc's newsnight - it was a great interview I will try to find it and post it here. Basically he was saying that there is a move towards a collective consciousness - something I agree with in some ways but not in others..

and he quoted a Matt Ridley's book 'The Rational Optimist' - an interesting read - until you delve deeper into the truth....

So yes, I try to target my work towards a direction I feel it can make a difference...

I am getting very tired now and find typing a ridiculously anachronistic mode of communication in the 21st century - thus my responses will be one word or two from now on tonight... sorry...

Oct 19, 2011, 22:51


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