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Post classic dance tunes that still excite you!
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Re: Post classic dance tunes that still excite you!

lereostab wrote:
Yes, the important experience you and your partner had?
It's ok if your tired, no worries.....

yes thanks for your understanding en ik moet zeggen ik vind het nu echt vervelend om te toetsen...

well, it was our/my partner's son's uitrijking (graduation ceremony) today. It was a sort of multi-dimensional emotional and spiritual cahallenge for us all - it went fantasitically well but there was so much under the surface. It was beautiful to see ho human biengs deal with these things spiritually - It has given us both a beautiful 'reality check' on who we all are in our little unimportant corner of this beautiful world....

Oct 19, 2011, 23:06


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