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Post classic dance tunes that still excite you!
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Re: Post classic dance tunes that still excite you!

lereostab wrote:
China is one of the few countries that interest me enough to want to visit, even as a child I felt a mysterious wonder about the place, maybe I'll get there one day.
I don't really get the space exploration thing, it never grabbed my interest much, I love Earth though.......

ea I agree - but apart from my mate who is now teaching over there, I have another couple of friends who are Paleontologists who moved there in october last year. We are all in contact of course through the wonders of the 'tinternet and through that contact I feel China becoming more and more a part of my soul as a human being - and that is beautiful of course. It's a big country however and they have had some human things test the whole nation's consciousness severely this week - that little girl will not have died in vain - we all think she has changed china forever....

)please forgive my typos - I am very tired but well fired up!)

Oct 19, 2011, 23:55


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