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20 Hollywood moments
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20 Hollywood moments

Have you ever...?

1. Heard of a case where a cop who had been fired from a case or kicked off the force, solved the crime?

2. Been at a trial or heard of a trial where the master villain confessed their crimes in the witness box?

3. Known a hot chick to dump a jock for a nerd?

4. Been in a public space where a fighting couple confessed their love for each other and everyone cheered?

5. Seen a wild animal try to rip open the vehicle of an evil or fearful human despite an abundance of food outside that vehicle?

6. Seen two guys king hit each other in the face multiple times without the aid of PCP or alcohol?

7. Known a guy to go to bed with a "woman", wake up and say it is the best night he ever had then realise he actually slept with a man?

8. Heard of a soldier shooting hunderds of enemy soldiers despite them all firing at him?

9. Been at an uptight venue like a school or club where an unconventional guy came and changed the culture?

10. Seen somebody dumped at the altar but everyone understood because the dumper was clearly more in love with somebody else?

11. Seen somebody get shot but keep on going with only minor wincing without the aid of PCP or alcohol?

12. Known a man and woman from opposite side of the tracks who hate each other then love each other then hate each other due to a misunderstanding then love each other again, maybe even in a #4 situation?

13. Known a rich man to have his evil plans to take over a business thwarted by some kind of fund raising party animal?

14. Known a powerful business man to give up his plans to take over a failing business or house thanks to the loyal actions of a dog or other loveable animal?

15. Known of a family where the father said "no son of mine is going to X" despite his son being the best in the world at X?

16. Known somebody who escaped a fate worse than death because the criminal took time explaining his crimes?

17. Seen a car that jumped through the air or rolled then kept going?

18. Witnessed a high speed chase where the police caused millions of dollars worth of damage just to catch a thief or drug dealer?

19. Known somebody to break into song when they were particularly sad, happy or angry?

20. Known a woman to fall for a man who did all sorts of romantic stalkerish things like break into her room, sneak into her place of work and publicly air messages of love?

I hope that at least one member can say yes on one of these questions, or a variation of it.

Or if you have your own question...

Oct 23, 2011, 04:54