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Climate change
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Re: Climate change

vivakomeda wrote:
You'd think the imminent destruction of the planet

Nonsense. All the amassed destructive force of the human race could barely scratch the surface of this planet.

vivakomeda wrote:
You'd think the imminent civilization would remain a priority. It hasn't.

I agree, but this is too broad a generalisation. There is a percentage of humans who care about the continuance of their civilisation and are doing something about it. There is also a percentage who think the faster we wipe each other out the better, and of course there are those who don't give a toss about anything except themselves at this moment, this day, right now.

Statistics has always been a complete bore to me. I think Microsoft Excell is a creation of the malign negative force some call 'the Devil' and I would start to fall into a coma of boredom if I did any further research into this. All I can offer is my own opinion, and this I have attempted to do in this thread.

Oct 25, 2011, 00:06


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