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Climate change
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Re: Climate change

GaryB2 wrote:
Because it was overhyped and based on mixed science. Scientists seem to agree that 98% of temperature changes are natural and man-made effects account for 2%.

Notice how the calamity is now called Climate Change and not the previous Global Warming??!!

The Kyoyo agreement aims to reduce the average temperature of the globe by about 0.8 degC. They have until 2100 to do it.

I'm not losing any sleep over it.

Are you getting your opinion from an article in the Daily Mail quoting a couple think tank researchers who are known to side with big business? Think tanks in my country are notorious for skewed "research" and are often little more than mouthpieces for one side or another.

What you wrote sounds quite a bit like what they say on fox news or as we like to call it faux news, and what the teabaggers and other right wingers in our country say about global warming.

"There is international scientific consensus that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities."

What some people (who don't have much interest in biology or learning about species and the environment) fail to realize is how a tiny average change in temperature can affect plants and animals. Look at some of the more sensitive species such as coral reefs, if you want to find out what human activity is doing to kill off species on the planet slowly but surely.

It would bring a long and confounding discussion of energy- renewable, nuclear, and otherwise, pollution, and how the political winds may bring any changes in how we live too slowly and too late. I don't want to think it's too late, but if we don't work hard enough on this issue, I think humans and other species on this planet are pretty much doomed.

It's most certainly not happening fast enough. I'm extremely disappointed in Obama's lack of strong leadership in this issue. The Kyoto protocol is extremely complex, and has many goals.

To read on this board people that think climate change is no big deal, is very troubling.

Oct 25, 2011, 04:39


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