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Climate change
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Re: Climate change

Kazak wrote:
Right, the time to act came and went with a whimper. We('re?) done.

Well I am inclined to agree with that on the whole. The balance of power in the world is dependent on a headlong rush into an ecological apocalypse. This is not new however, and even though there have been amazing improvements since the industrial revolution it is still politically and socio-economically irreversible.

Even if it were not too late already, there would have to be a fundamental change in the balance of world power. All humanity would have to turn swords into ploughshares, and not just reduce world hunger, poverty and homelessness - but completely eradicate it. We would have to guarantee clean water and adequate nutrition as an inalienable human right to the whole world to be even close to the right to call humanity 'civilisation'.

It is against human nature to do this. We are essentially territorial creatures with a pack mentality - this is in our DNA and will never change. Our only hope is to survive long enough for evolution to tick along the scale of development enough for these things to be resolved in human existence. There is good evidence to say that this has happened along the path before - and there is a slight possibility that it can happen again in the next 25 - 50 thousand years ('an instant 0' in the timeline of the evolutionary clock).

Oct 25, 2011, 13:00


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