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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Is It Just Me?

Dara wrote:
lereostab wrote:
Or are these attacks on Hito a bit over the top, Cheeso, Dara and Squirrel seem to hate the guy with a vengeance, I'm aware that I don't know the history of it all, but as a relatively new member of this forum it seems to me to be quite vicious and threatening.
I'm saying this because I find it a bit disturbing personally, does anyone else feel the same? sincerely Joe.

Then stay out of it and stop dredging it up all the time. Making snide comments about me in other threads is not going to help the situation either. Are you trying to gather support for yourself and Hiro against me and Cheeso and others? - if so, it doesn't really fit with your 'kind regards to all' credo does it?. It is also very unwise to start building sides for a war on this forum - it has been done before and it just ended in the blue screen of death....

Furthermore, if you had taken the trouble to read some of the posts you are making ill advised comments about, you would see that Hiro himself has made some seriously disturbing attacks on people in the past and that has to stop. If you are interested in some peaceful advice - drop it. If you want to wade in to the fight - but I'll take you on again if you really want to go on and on with this...

Oct 27, 2011, 00:09


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