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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Is It Just Me?

Dara wrote:
lereostab wrote:
What is wrong with you Dara? you seem to be permanently angry, you are using words like "war" and saying you will "take me on again" what is your problem?
I simply stated the fact that I find your aggressive behaviour disturbing, which I do along with the insults that you have been making towards Hito, I think you are out of order Dara.

I know you will wade in on his side. The fact remains though that he is not innocent in all this. His treatment of me and other members of this forum is out of order. If he stops his nonsense I will leave it alone. If you and him continue to attack me I will defend myself.

The fact also remains that you and I were involved in a friendly exchange wherein I expressed my sympathy for your bad experience with your family member's health. Hiro could not bear this. He is like a spoilt child who sulks if people are getting on well and ignoring him. Ask yourself what would have happened if he had not stirred all this trouble up - the answer is nothing. We would have continued with our friendly discussion and perhaps even developed a friendly exchange on other matters in the future despite our obvious ideological and societal differences.

Hiro is the cause of all of this. If he stops his nonsense (and he appears to have said that he will) then it is all over. If you want to continue it now AFTER even Hiro has said he has ceased his hostility, then I don't understand that and I would have to say that you would be as much to blame as anyone else.

Stop it - let it go and we will all return to a level of civility. We don't have to like each other - that is not prerequisite, be we do have a choice to stop hostility. I want to stop with it, and no doubt so does everyone else - if you do too, then this painful nonsense can be put behind us.

Oct 27, 2011, 00:44


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