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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Is It Just Me?

lereostab wrote:
Alright Dara, this is pointless, goodnight.

This is not pointless to me. You are attacking me and you have appealed to the entire forum for support. You are taking sides and you say you do not know the history of all this when you do - the whole thing began, and has it's roots in a thread you yourself started. You refuse to accept that Hiro was at fault in attacking me for no apparent reason other than his own hypocritical 'beliefs'. Read this again Joe and tell me what you don't understand about it - I am very happy to help with an explanation if you find it too complex:

"The fact is that you and I were involved in a friendly exchange wherein I expressed my sympathy for your bad experience with your family member's health. Hiro could not bear this. He is like a spoilt child who sulks if people are getting on well and ignoring him. Ask yourself what would have happened if he had not stirred all this trouble up - the answer is nothing. We would have continued with our friendly discussion and who knows? - perhaps even developed a friendly exchange on other matters in the future despite our obvious ideological and societal differences"

Oct 27, 2011, 01:28


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