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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Is It Just Me?

Well, lereostab, it's not really out of order. It's something hito brought on himself. He purposely stirs the pot to create trouble.

Wouldn't you say you were having a peaceful, friendly, reasonable conversation with Dara prior to hito's unnecessary intervention? There was no need for him to bring up that other thread. You and Dara were getting along fine. He tried to make the excuse that he standing up for someone who was being preyed upon, but that was not the case at all.

He has a habit of doing that, though. He likes to get involved in exchanges between two posters, in conversations that have nothing to do with him, with the sole purpose of starting trouble and being an ass and calling attention to himself.

He did it to you and Dara. He did it to Cyberpainter and Velvetwater. And he did it to me and bote. And he's done it many other times.

There is no reason for him to get involved. But, he cannot restrain himself from causing trouble. Then, after he causes trouble and acts like a jerk, he pretends he's innocent and starts trying to blame others for attacking him. Unfortunately, you fell for his game. Others have not.

It's a pity and a shame that hito has brought this unwelcome petty viciousness to the forum, and he has dragged innocent people, like you, into the fray.

I can only imagine that he is a very unhappy person who is hell bent on making others as miserable as he is.

Seeing that he did these same things years ago, using another screen name, is a pretty sad indication that he is yet to grow up.

Oct 27, 2011, 01:35


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