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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Is It Just Me?

lereostab wrote:
Please stop insisting that I'm attacking you, what I said was that I found your aggression and insults towards Hito disturbing and not just yours but Cheeso's and Squirrel's too, am I not allowed to be disturbed by this?
Yes we were just having a chat (you and I) and I genuinely appreciate your comments regarding my Mum, I'm happy to chat to you anytime, I'm not defending Hito, what Hito said or did isn't the issue for me, it's the aggression and abuse that has resulted.
I have a personal dislike of verbal abuse and aggression Dara, I'm very much aware of it and it's rooted in my past lifestyle which was extremely violent at times.
I would appreciate it if you could just turn the aggression down a bit (I'm only asking, not insisting) of course you are free to respond however you feel best.
I hope I've made myself a bit clearer this time, I harbour no feelings of ill will towards you or any other member of the forum, sincerely Joe.

Well here we go again. I will stop 'insisting you are attacking me' when you STOP attacking me. Why did you find it necessary to post this after I had already written that I am cooling down and trying to bring an end to all this?. It's obvious you don't find Hiro's insulting and aggressive behaviour 'disturbing' why is this? do you HAVE to have the last word to make a point or something. All you have succeeded in doing is raising my anger and stress levels again - if this is what you intended to do then well done - you have achieved your goal.

"I'm not defending Hito, what Hito said or did isn't the issue for me, it's the aggression and abuse that has resulted."

You are indeed defending Hiro and you have been all along - it is clear what you think, everyone is aware now of what your position is on this. If you were not specifically defending him you have said something like 'hito's intervention was unnecesary and I find the strong strong reaction it has caused disturbing...' now you can say what you like of course - we all can, but don't expect me to accept that you will not say one word against the person who started all this. That is unnacceptably partisan and grossly unfair.

Like you I have seen and suffered some terrible violence at the hands of crack addicts - I used to live below crack dealers and it was a daily nightmare for six years - theft, guns, horrific violence, death by overdose outside my apartment door. Believe me I know what you are talking about - but it hasn't changed my view of society, That is something I think of on a far higher plane and the actions of pathetic yobs could never influence that one way or the other. But we are all different and deal with life in different ways - I would not for one minute presume to tell you how to respond to your life experiences, and I expect you to afford me the same respect and freedom.

Oct 27, 2011, 03:24


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