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Is It Just Me?
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eye of the storm

lereostab wrote:
Well it seems to make no difference what I say to you about my thoughts and feelings because you keep insisting it's the way you think it is, you are wrong and you lack insight in to my intentions.
I think you're paranoid Dara, you will no doubt hate me saying this but I feel it necessary as you keep on insisting that you are in a war and I'm attacking you, I am not in agreement with you but that does not mean I'm attacking you.
You should take a good look at yourself before you accuse me of being dictatorial, you were even trying to say that I was responsible for the anger you feel, tell me this, where is that anger located? it's located inside of you, are you saying that I have the ability to manipulate and control your feelings? wake up! take responsibility for your own feelings and don't blame others for them.
Again I say, I am not defending Hito, but you imagine that I am because of your personal issues with Hito.
I have requested that the abuse and agression be turned down a bit because it disturbs me, I'm fully aware that the disturbance I feel is my problem and is located within me, I do not blame you for what I feel.
Now feel free to pick apart my post line by line and correct me about every point I've made, Joe.
p.s. don't forget to mock me for not leaving kind regards.

You are stepping up your insults I see. The veneer of Christian good will is not so deep is it Joe?. Again I ask you:

What about the history you do know about - let me ask you plainly:

Do you think hiro did a good thing posting that older post and interrupting our pleasant conversation or not? - it is not a difficult question unless you do indeed want to take sides with hiro.

Oct 27, 2011, 04:16


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