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Is It Just Me?
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There is a little in the way of history (if anyone can point out anything else specific that I have done, please do so):

1. I indeed pointed out that cyberpainter said one thing in one forum that contradicted her position in another. I did do this after a long history of aggression from cyberpainter and her friends towards me and other members. I didnít stalk her. I am a member of Broadcast because I like them. I am a member of Stereolab because I like them. I thought that after this, cyberpainter and I had buried the hatchet but this is obviously not the case. I understand that she feels upset but I donít think this means she was right and I was wrong. Much like #2, I regret this thread I started mainly due to the storm of abuse that followed. I seriously donít care at all about this matter anymore as I think the truth is out there and everyone knows what they did and their part in it.
2. I also pointed out that Dara said something nasty in one thread and then said something nice in another. You know this story. What you might not know is the abuse from Dara started in a thread about wikileaks, Polanksi or piracy or something completely impersonal. He dislikes my idealism and I think, the fact that I can challenge his ideas. I have often tried to get past the abuse with Dara (check the history if you wish) and stick to the topic at hand. I have never abused him, never made things up about him, never encouraged others to abuse him. Dara is certainly a learned person with a good ability to present a point of view so I have often hoped that we could agree to disagree or focus on the topic. I have appealed to him to calm down and stop the abuse. He doesnít and wonít in my experience.
3. The other thing I have done is disagree with rael (the other cheeso name that I prefer). I have tried various methods of dealing with him from ignoring, arguing and appealing to his better nature. He has sworn at me repeatedly. I have never sworn at him. I have certainly used some analogies, metaphors and similes (none of them dirty) and I have certainly made him look bad by rebutting his points and saying that he makes very poor contributions to the forum. He tends to drop issues when all the facts are laid out but then brings them up in another thread. I doubt he will ever accept my presence on this forum.
4. I do challenge people who are bullying members like My Return, velvet water, icepulse, you, JS, me and probably others. I should add that during some of these arguments I did call members ďHeathersĒ because they were ganging up on me and others. I regret that name calling. Otherwise, I try to stick by the golden rule of doing unto others.
5. I have said to slush and hitlerwhitevodka578sluss that I think they post too much and I think their posts are inane. I stand by this claim. I would say all other members make sense to me but these two do not. If this is snobbery, I guess I am willing to carry that tag but I assume everyone has their limits when it comes to tolerating levels of comprehension and literacy.
6. I started a thread where I offered advice about how people should post. For example, I suggested that video clips should be accompanied with some kind of comment. This was poorly received and many people attacked me. During this time, I asked for someone to ďreport a postĒ that was starting a flame war. I was mocked for thinking that such a thing should happen. I still believe in moderation.
7. I started a thread asking people to submit a playlist of post Mary songs as I am generally not a fan. Some people came up with good lists of tracks and I thanked them for it. Some people felt that I had no right to do this. I donít apologise for the thread but I apologise for any hurt I caused by starting it ;P
8. I criticised the way some people attacked Broadcast quite vehemently prior to Trish Keenanís death then said lovely things when she died. I guess it was tactless of me to bring it up but as I have said before, I donít like hypocrisy. I was probably also going through the anger stage of my ďgriefĒ (I donít want to go overboard here as I never met the woman) and lashed out at the people who felt they had a personal connection. As I said, pretty tactless but I think it was within the realms of normal. I didnít abuse anyone or tell them I hate them. However, as I said to a friend about another death ďnobody cares if you are right at a time of deathĒ. Sound advice I should have taken.
9. I used to have a name on this forum in the early or mid 2000s. I posted a few fan like posts and few people replied. I never had a fight with anyone. I had dial up at the time so replying was like cooking a three course dinner. Fighting would be like playing D&D with people in other states who only had access to snail mail. I donít remember the name but I think it was Boris or Bert or some name I thought was funny. I donít have the password. Some people here think I was actually Pol Pot or Vlad the Impaler but I wasnít. I canít prove I wasnít anybody else. I only have one name on this forum now. My real name is not ďhitoĒ. My avatar is Yoshimi (some people dislike the picture). I donít give away much about my personal life.
10. Finally, I disagreed with a number of members on philosophical, social, political, educational and musical issues. On these occasions I presented arguments that were often idealistic, logical, pragmatic, alternative, creative, unusual, cynical, optimistic, confident. During these conversations I have never abused anyone, never called them names, never lied and always tried to play the ball, not the man.

Suppose you thought these were bad things, really bad. I am willing to accept that somebody might think my actions were deplorable (because they do) and that they would strongly disagree with me. I would think that they could:

a) Disagree with my opinion and explain why
b) Point out why they changed their mind or the technical differences that they saw
c) Ignore it
d) Request that the conversation cease
e) Something else that is calm that I havenít thought of.

But this seems not to be. Instead - as you point out - the volume of abuse, the indignation, the profanity, the aggression, the shrill cries of suffering, the declaration of war, the cheering on of allies, the lashing out at any friend of an enemy, the anger, the condoning of attacks, the disingenuous congratulations for balance, objectivity and restraint and just so many posts (more than I can bother reading). By most peopleís measure, this would be hyperbole. I donít think I rang anybodyís employer to tell them their employee is a terrible person, I didnít hit anybody, I didnít post lewd pictures of children or anybodyís spouse, I didnít make up any stories, I didnít drown a puppy, I didnít fire on innocent civilians from a helicopter. By all means, every action I took could be seen as unnecessary and I could have just done #c but I didnít. I didnít need to link the words that other members words but I did. Surely if that member feels they did nothing wrong, they could just do #b or #a.

In the end, I donít suffer from this abuse. I am not angry. I am pretty strong and have a good real life. If people continue to get angry, swear, accuse me of treason, treachery and trickery, I will still get up in the morning, kiss my family, eat breakfast, make my lunch, shower, brush my teeth and go to work. As I said in #a, I can reply to the posts that accuse me of wrongdoing and attempt to set the record straight. I enjoy constructing logical arguments and thinking through ethical and other philosophical ideas. I may give up trying to persuade eventually but I usually feel that I have had my say. And I feel that I can hold my head high because I think that I play fair, I play the ball and I stand by my beliefs and values. You might say that is mighty Christian of me (and it kind of is) but I would say itís mighty existential.

So thanks for your concern and sorry you had to wade through all 39 posts of hostility. It looks like you were coming to some kind of conclusion so I hope this doesnít set you back. I wonít be replying here again (40 is a nice round number to end at) because as Thomas (kind of) said:

ďLife is just too short for all this bickering. Let's chill out and get along, peopleĒ

Oct 27, 2011, 12:08


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