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Is It Just Me?
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Squirrel M. Nutter
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Re: Me

Joe, hito's response was just another of his thinly-veiled, cowardly attacks on other forum members. You mentioned there was some history here that you knew nothing about, but you didnít ask for a summary of it. But, hito took the time to write all that because itís just another way of reiterating his attacks on others. Itís deceitful, dishonest, and cowardly.

Then he ends his attack by saying he wonít reply anymore, and saying, "Life is just too short for all this bickering. Let's chill out and get along."

If he really felt that way, he wouldn't have replied at all, or that phrase would have been his only reply. But, like the typical coward he is, he took one last jab at several people, and only after that did he pretend to be above it all.

He's done that before, too. He replies to someone in abusive, attacking matter, then he ends his reply by saying, "Letís all be adults and let this pass and not comment on it anymore." Of course he makes sure he gets his last attack in.

But donít worry, in spite of his asking people to chill out and get along, he will still bring this stuff up, because heís too small-minded and full himself to let it go.

And he is also being dishonest when he says he is never abusive toward anyone because he doesnít swear and he "sticks by the golden rule." In the thread below, he calls Cyberpainter "Muhammad Ali." You know Ali has brain damage and Parkinsonís disease and is barely coherent. To compare someone to a person like that is just as abusive and insulting as cursing at them, wouldnít you say?

There are many other instances where he is just as abusive and insulting to other people.

His version of history is very one sided, too.

Do you know why he so vehemently attacks Cyberpainter? It's because she once scolded him for being abusive to another forum member. He didn't like being called out for his abusive behavior so he lurked around and stalked her and waited for the opportunity to pounce on her, and he has not relented ever since. He pretends to be the righteous hero of people who are being treated unfairly here, but he doesnít give a crap about anyone here except himself.

He also said, regarding Dara, "I have appealed to him to calm down and stop the abuse." Except, as you can see in your "Hello and Kind Regards to all" thread, hito is not interested in stopping anything, either. He unnecessarily stirred shit up for his own selfish reasons. And this forum has been poisoned because of his selfishness.

Look at the hypocrisy in his own post above. He said, "I do challenge people who are bullying membersÖ" but he has no problem bullying members like Slush and Cyberpainter and "hitlerwhitevodka578sluss" and being abusive to them and telling them to shut up.

This is all part of why people so strongly attack hito. He is deceitful, dishonest, insincere, a coward, a liar, a hypocrite, and he spins his bullshit in such a way to make you think he's done nothing wrong and everyone picks on him. The problem is that many of us see right through his bullshit.

Oct 27, 2011, 16:31


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