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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Me

Squirrel M. Nutter wrote:
Joe, hito's response was just another of his thinly-veiled, cowardly attacks on other forum members. You mentioned there was some history here that you knew nothing about, but you didnít ask for a summary of it. But, hito took the time to write all that because itís just another way of reiterating his attacks on others. Itís deceitful, dishonest, and cowardly.

Another interminable diatribe from Hito - he will never change his tactics - the denial, the hipocrisy etc etc ad nauseum. Even when he does admit to a tiny example of where he was wrong - he qualifies his apology with a characteristically irritating ;P which suggests he is insincere even in this.

In titling my last few posts 'eye of the storm or aftermath?' and writing that I am trying to bring this nonsense to a close. He and Lereostab and JS insisted on restarting it all over again. This whole business has split the forum in the same way as schisms opened up here in the past. You have very clearly outlined the difficulties caused by Hito's attitude, his arrogance insults and abuse - but of course there is a stony silence from his allies. Of course, because they are taking his side - and at the same time saying they are not taking sides.

This is never going to change Cheeso - but we have at least shown him that he can always expect resistance if (when) he continues to behave in this way in the future. The fact that he has felt it necessary to write the forum equivalent of 'War and Peace' this time to try and obfuscate his guilt in all this, is an indication of how much he feels he has to answer for. I am pleased he has done this though because it will save a lot of typing in the future when we want to demonstrate his rank hypocrisy - all we have to do is cut and paste the relevant section from his diatribe - now that I we can be very grateful for.

Oct 27, 2011, 17:24


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