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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Me

lereostab wrote:
Hi, thanks for responding and explaining things to me, I can see that Hito has upset a lot of people and I'm sure he's said things that are hurtful otherwise there wouldn't be such a strong reaction to this thread, I was puzzled by the fierceness of some of the things being said, but I see now that it's not unfounded, that doesn't mean that I think the insults are good, I don't at all.
I want to make it clear that I'm not taking sides in this and will happily talk with any forum member, maybe I'm fortunate because no one has said anything to me directly that has resulted in me being hurt.
I really like it here on this forum and have every intention of sticking around as I feel that every forum needs a God loving Nutjob in residence, ha ha!
Thanks again for taking the time to explain, I do appreciate it, all the best man, Joe.

Hi Joe - this sounds fairer. Hito has abused the contact he has created with you, and through this he has cynically put you in a position of power that you understandably feel uncomfortable with. If it were not for this we would probably have had the chance to develop a fruitful contact in the future, if only about music and lighter things - after all that is really why we are all here isn't it?. I also love this forum and most of the members of it and I too would like to continue to post and read the posts of others here.

For the record I have nothing against your devotion to your faith. I have the greatest respect for the way you have turned your life around, and as you can see from what I wrote about crack-heads yesterday - that means a lot to me personally. I have in the past been moved to tears by some of the insights put forward by 'born again' Christians. In fact Jim Irwin, one of the three people I have met who walked on the Moon was a born again Christian and he has been a life-long hero of mine.

I also Christian friends, Buddhist friends, Muslims, Jews, Hari Krishnas, and many more who have indefinable spiritual beliefs, and I love them all as friends in their own way. When any of them have tried to ram it down my throat though - I let them know clearly that I am not interested in espousing their way of seeing the world - but I respect their views on many, many levels.

Oct 27, 2011, 17:51


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