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Is It Just Me?
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Re: Me

It is probably a good idea not to take sides but of course, it is up to you. Note how she said it was untrue but didn't actually explain her version of events despite having the capacity to do so.
Here is my version if you want to read it. I should warn you it is ugly:
Sadly most of the replies here are filled with insinuation about things I did but little that is specific. I outlined the things that had annoyed people. It would be interesting to read some specific information in reply.
I guess you came to the conclusion that I upset many people, something could be partly be seen as true but probably not in a cause and effect way. I don't think I can upset people so much as say things and they choose a reaction. I doubt people were really offended by most of what I said.
But to be fair:
Dara was right to note that I am not sorry for starting a playlist request. The ;P was my way of indicating that it was a joke apology. I was just pointing out something I did that annoyed people, including cyberpainter. I should thank rael for adding the Muhammad ali link for four reasons:
1. It shows cyberpainter's angry response to a simple topic.
2. It gives me a chance to add #11 where I confess that I did occasionally call cyberpainter and waxenpith boxing or fighting names because they were so keen to attack my impersonal posts.
3. It shows the supposedly awful thread I made that annoyed people so. Read it if you want to see how people get angry over nothing.
4. It shows the ridiculous lengths that rael will go to suggest that I am the devil incarnate. He says that I called cyberpainter Muhammad Ali because I thought she was similar to someone with Parkinson's (clearly the image that most people associate with Muhammad Ali, not being a boxer ;P). I should add that I have noted my reasons for using it before here:
a thread that rael responded to:
So you know he is just slinging mud and hoping it sticks.

Seriously people, if you haven't got anything specific or honest, just drop it.

Oct 28, 2011, 02:05


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