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Is It Just Me?
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I told you hiro was too full of himself to let it go, Joe.

lying sack of shit-o wrote:
I won’t be replying here again...because as Thomas (kind of) said:

“Life is just too short for all this bickering. Let's chill out and get along, people”

Squirrel M. Nutter wrote:

But don’t worry, in spite of his asking people to chill out and get along, he will still bring this stuff up, because he’s too small-minded and full himself to let it go.

I told you he was lying and too full of himself to let it go, in spite of what he said. He has no desire to get along and he has no desire for anyone else to get along. He's too petty, immature, and selfish.

And he is still being insincere. He said he referred to Cyberpainter as Muhammad Ali because she's like a boxer. Except there are a million boxers, it's no coincidence that he just happened to choose one who had Parkinson's. He knew what he was doing.

Oct 28, 2011, 03:03


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