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Best [non-Stereolab] album of the 90s?
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c in dc
c in dc
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First impressions

Nice choice, Hito. Reminds me of a party I was at a long, long time ago. ("Oh no, please don't bore us with another death or glory story from the good old days old man!")
The year was 1987, the place Norfolk Va. There was a great music scene there at the time, and just about everyone I knew was in a band (I was in Antic Hay for a minute). A friend named Jeff could not stop talking about this band called Jane's Addiction that he had seen out in LA. He played a demo cassette of them on an endless loop, but none of us were that impressed; just a bunch of lame Stones covers. Then they played in Norfolk (I believe opening for Love & Rockets). Jeff was the only one who went to the show, and then showed up at a party with the whole band in tow, all wearing dresses and track marks. They put on an impromptu concert in the kitchen. Scary. Still, we were not impressed. Just seemed like any other corner bar cover band.
A few months later their 1st studio recording was released. I was impressed. We were impressed. The whole damn world was impressed.
Jeff was right after all.

Oct 30, 2011, 16:18


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