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Best [non-Stereolab] album of the 90s?
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Re: Best [non-Stereolab] album of the 90s?

thomas2 wrote:
The rules enforce themselves. If you are incapabale of answering the question decisively, it's better not to even try! Or just make something up.

I never said people couldn't sumbit 2nd posts having changed their minds about the first choices, did i?

OOh thanks. I know I shouldn't have mentioned other albums that I thought of along the way but I did make a decision. Like I shouldn't mention Nomeansno's Worldhood of the world (as such), nor should I mention Westing by Pavement, nor Disco Volante by Mr bungle, nor soundgarden's Louder than love and badmotorfinger and I definitely shouldn't bring up Bjork's Homogenic nor should I mention Faith no more's King for day. Emergency and I by Dismemberment plan won't be brought up along the way and I promise not to mention David Sylvian and Robert fripp's the first day. My love of Ice-cube's the predator will be kept quiet and nobody need know that i love Public enemy's apocolypse 91 and Fear of a black planet. The Magnetic fields 69 love songs will not be mentioned, nor will Buffalo daughter's New Rock, Barbara Morgenstern's Vermona ET 6-1, Ween's The mollusk, Polvo's Exploded Drawing, Music for egon Schiele by the Rachels, Aphex Twin's Richard D James, Tricky's Maxinquaye, Cinorama's Niwa Niwa and Jon Spencer's Orange. I won't mention They Might be Giant's Apollo 18 or Flood, Kyuss's Welcome to sky valley, Bongwater's Power of Pussy, Lard's Last temptation of Reid, monster Magnet's Superjudge, Butthole Surfer's Pioughd, Susan Vega's 99.9F, The Breeders Last splash and Pod, Nirvana's Incesticide (probably doesn't count), KLF's Chill Out and XTC's Nonsuch. I won't mention Tori Amos's Little Earthquakes, Kramer's The Guilt Trip nor Daisy Chainsaw's Eleventeen or Tom Waits' Bone Machine. Because despite having so many albums I love from the 90's, I have made up my mind. I have changed my choice and decided to go with an album that many fans don't like but I think is their best. I like the bigger sound. The tracks are dreamy and drifty as the cover.

Nov 02, 2011, 12:01


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