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On the cans now
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Re: On the cans now

cyberpainter wrote:
Dara wrote:

*Abram, who believed he was being possessed by Harrison and was on a "mission from God" to kill him, was later acquitted of attempted murder on grounds of insanity, but was detained for treatment in a secure hospital. He was released in 2002 after 19 months' detention.

Equally horrifying is his quick release.

I've been to Hana in Maui, Seven Sacred Pools etc. Always wished I had been able to glimpse their estate there.

Absolutely. 'Thankfully' George died before Abram's release and thus was unaware of it. I am certain he would have forgiven him though, perhaps not so soon but if he had lived, eventually. The effect Abram's release had on Georges family was a different matter however - Olivia was severely traumatised by the incident, as was Dhani (who is the spitting image of his father btw).

(listening to 'If not for you' at the moment)

Nov 16, 2011, 18:58


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