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On the cans now
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Re: On the cans now

s_lush_s wrote:
no it's not that. he bought me those popular albums. I wish things were different with the pop culture. We did the best we knew at the time and we didn't realize we were making huge mistakes buying Blondie albums.

I remember taking my Men without Hats album over to my friend Dolina's house and her mother bursting through the door saying, "Turn off that devil music!" Wise, wise woman.

I don't know some people are able to listen to pop music with know repercussions. Then other people go bananas. It effects your heart rate and your respiration and goodness knows what effects it has on the nervous system. I don't know if it could help society. I noticed everytime I listened to it I didn't like the way I felt unless I was in a corporate sales environment, I mean listening to highly "buy more" subliminals to keep me calm but sometimes tose make me freak out and maybe I really do need those Bose noise reducing headphones. For my condition.

Nov 17, 2011, 17:33


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