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Stereolab Vinyl Discography
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Pooh Burgess
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Re: Stereolab Vinyl Discography

cyberpainter wrote:
Pooh Burgess wrote:
...and thank you nsc283b for the info of the LP - I wasn't sure how 'official' it was but will definitely add it in tomorrow. Cheers for that.

It's certainly official, it was put out by the band, or with approval of the band, not a bootleg. It's limited edition, unique in that it has only early demos I think. It was expensive because of how it was marketed with the limited edition artist's print.

Many thanks for clarifying this.

One release I've always wondered about was the Too Pure Peel Sessions 10". I know that the three bands hand- decorated roughly a third each of the front covers (I saw a lovely PJ Harvey one the other day - the price wasn't lovely though!). But does anyone know which numbers Stereolab did (from and to) and is there any particular style that would distinguish their covers from the others as I'd ideally like to get one of theirs. Apologies if this has been covered before (I feel like such a newbie here!)
Thanks folks

Nov 01, 2011, 12:40


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