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RIP dear Vega
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Cybele 21st Century
Cybele 21st Century
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Re: RIP dear Vega

Hello all, Cybele here.

Maybe my dream might help describe how I feel about this.

This was years ago but I'll never forget it. I walked in from that obscurity that happens as the dream forms.

A huge conference hall with overhead lights that are super high. Suddenly all my friends are there. Friends past and present.

As I walked, interspersed, I saw that my family was there and they knew my friends somehow. It was a party and I was having a great time, but I kept walking through the tangle.

I stumbled upon some DJ I knew back when I had rather large hoop earrings and wore larger Gibrauds. Who knows what was spun but it was awesome and somehow I worked the counsel.

I don't remember the music in much the same way I can't seem to remember faces in dreams. Fuck it; who cared, it was a celebration seldom seen.

Conscious, about an hour later, on the train, untying the tangle, I remembered looking down from above at all of these souls in my dream. I was a kite, and my friends and family each had their own chord hooked up to me.

Kites are fun. See you and everyone there Vega.

Please advise,

Nov 03, 2011, 02:08


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