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Re: How to (forum instructions)

lereostab wrote:
How on earth do you get pictures on here? I see some of you talking about it but I don't understand the language you use.
Can anyone explain in the simplest of english terms how to do it? I tried it on youtube several times and totally failed, please remember you are talking to someone who knows nothing about computers, cheers Joe.

For images (not youtube links that's different), find a photo on the internet that you want to post. Figure out how to get the address of the photo. I have a pc and can right click the image and it says "view image" so click that option. Look at the address bar and the address of the image will be there. It will probably end with .jpg. Copy that address. Paste it here. Then type or copy and paste the other part before and after that address exactly. If you're off even a little bit, like a space or an added period, it won't work. See thomas's post above for that info.

Nov 03, 2011, 19:40


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