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4,000 worth saving, or not?
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Re: 4,000 worth saving, or not?

lereostab wrote:
In the first place you have to believe that the authorities want to save these extra 30,000 lives, and in the second place the dietary information is all wrong, I agree with Gary, the problems are not salt and saturated fats the problem is refined carbohydrates especially sugar and it by products and grains, which any farmer can tell you is cattle food, the increase in consumption of these products has gone hand in hand with the increase of diabetes, heart disease and cancer, these diseases are still on the increase even though people have followed the official line on diet, the over consumption of these products is THE primary reason for the continuing increase. The food pyramid is one of the biggest examples of funded propaganda the world has ever seen and the extent to which people have been conned in to believing it is astounding, still ignorance seems to reign supreme and a surprisingly small number of people actually bother to research the subject themselves, instead they rely upon the media to inform them of what's healthy and what's not, even most doctors don't bother to look beyond the surface so they just repeat parrot fashion what they've been told to say, I could go on and on but I'm not going to.
For those who disagree, I simply say read a few choice books on the subject to wake yourselves up i.e. "Eat Fat Get Thin" by Barry Groves and "Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution" by the good doctor himself, these will give you a basic understanding of the science behind true healthy eating.
I'm not advocating 'No Carbs' I'm advocating 'Low Carbs' and being wise regarding the types of carbohydrates you consume, kind regards Joe.

A lot of salt and fat are also bad for you, so I think you're not the end all of knowledge on the matter yourself. Dieting and eating healthy are not always the same thing. Dieting is more extreme.

Everything in moderation is good concept to follow, as is eating less. I would never in a million years eat a high fat diet or lots of salt. However, I'm cutting down on carbs, especially empty carbs. Eating small amounts of whole grains with lots of veggies and some protein, and just eating less food is my ideal way.

Nov 03, 2011, 20:34


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