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4,000 worth saving, or not?
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Re: 4,000 worth saving, or not?

If people stopped eating all the cattle food all the time then there would be more grains for the cows and pigs and chickens to eat and we could farm more animals and all have more meat and fat in our diets, give the excess grains to poor countries so they can feed more animals and eat the valuable proteins and fats thereof.
If you were hungry what would you rather have?
1. A few chickens and a goat (eggs milk butter cheese)
2. Grains.
Carb munching vegetarians are the reason that people don't have enough animals to eat, vegetarianism should be illegal on moral grounds and should carry a hefty fine or imprisonment. In the vegetarian correction centres bacon and eggs would be compulsory every morning as would Sunday roast, anyone refusing to comply would be covered in lard and rolled in freshly plucked feathers, that should teach 'em,
carnivorous regards Joe.

Nov 04, 2011, 01:46


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