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Laetitia Under The Radar Interview
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corporalclegg wrote:

Also there's a heartfelt interview with James Cargill on life/music after Trish's passing.

some excerpts from the Cargill interview...

“Switching gears to discuss the band’s long-gestating LP, Cargill reveals that financial difficulties and the adjustment to working primarily as a duo contributed to the protracted delay of Broadcast’s follow-up to 2005’s Tender Buttons. He hints that it will embrace the pensive soft-focus side of the band, chartering dramatically different sonic territory than the cacophonous, braying 2009 EP collaboration with the The Focus Group, Investigate Witch Cults off the Radio Age.

“Trish’s vocals are really great,” Cargill enthuses. “They’re a bit more pastoral, almost a bit more like Haha Sound. I liked the lyrics she was writing. They fit the pastoral, sort of folk thing. She’d taken a lot from Lewis Carroll and some of the sort of nonsense verse she was into. I think it might be a bit more like the older sort of Broadcast.”

Despite drawing parallels to Haha Sound, Cargill’s unequivocal in his stance that the band were opposed to remaining static, aspiring to evolve stylistically with each release. “We would’ve changed again. That was what I liked about doing it. We never got repetitive.”

Assisting Cargill on the process of completing the LP is Julian House of The Focus Group, who’s long provided artwork for the band, as well as musical input.

“He’s been at the heart of all our ideas,” says Cargill. “I’m looking forward to getting back to it again. I needed to finish the soundtrack because I needed to get some money, and I need to figure out what it is I do now. I made music with Trish, but I also made it for her. Without her, it’s a different take on a different meaning for me. The next thing I release with Trish on it will be more like a monument and a tribute to her rather than this obsessive thing I used to have about making albums.”

Nov 07, 2011, 15:44


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