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Laetitia Under The Radar Interview
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Re: Laetitia Under The Radar Interview

This argument seems idiotic. First of all, jazz and classical are being called "out of bounds". God knows there's no creativity there. No way that any of those people influenced the entire paradigm of western music. No, I definitely think that Bowie's Ziggy Stardust was way more musically and creatively important than Schoenberg's discovery/invention of 12 tone music. So, yeah, if you cut out some of the most musically important advances in music, then sure, the claim stands.

Secondly, you are choosing ONLY musicians who were heralded as making an iconic album in their "youth.". Besides money and comfort being a factor in creativity, which I agree with, the other factor is that it is incredibly hard for a Brian Wilson to live up to a Pet Sounds because the album becomes a part of mythic musical lore. It seems to me that any older, iconic musician, will be up against a gang of critics and fans who have already decided that their best years are behind them. As is proven by the comments and assumptions listed prior.

Thirdly, Scott Walker. Ryuichi Sakamoto. David Sylvian. Louis Phillipe. Sean O'friggin'Hagan.

Nov 11, 2011, 19:16


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