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Why So Expensive?
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Why So Expensive?

So, I'm in Accounting, which is to say that I don't have my degree. People ask me what I do; I tell them "Accounting". Sort of sounds like "Accountant" doesn't it?

I digress. . .

As an Accounting person, I keep all of my financial transactions on spreadsheets. I'm looking back to 1998 and sorting all of the money I've spent on music.

Granted, I've been buying music since 1978, so a lot of the costs don't make the cut. But, holy fucking shit! Was it worth it? Absolutely, because there was no file sharing, so you get what you can.

Enter file sharing. Am I an asshole, or does spending +$10,000 in the first half of my lifetime warrant never having to buy music again in part Deux?

I'll go to more shows, I swear it. I'll buy the tickets. What kind of royalties does Laetitia and Tim get from a CD?

Please advise,

Oct 04, 2008, 02:41