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Why So Expensive?
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Re: Why So Expensive?

Mosts artists sadly dont make very much money off their cd releases anymore. :( They do make some off of touring and merch at the shows. but the big money maker is endorsments from commercials.

as a music store i dont make very much off of the music anymore. On alot of new releases i loose money just to get ppl in the store to buy other things with larger margins.

Dont quote me but one of my employees is in a major labled signed band, who will remain nameless and they barely make 25-50 cents per cd, which sell for between 14.99 and 19.99 canadian. all the other money is in packaging, marketing, cost of recording, shipping + the Brick and mortar store (us) making a profit off of it. which is generally less than 30% often less than 10% sometimes nothing.

So even if they go gold or platinum in canada thats only 25grand or so devided by 7 members of (this) the band. on a cd they spent MONTHS creating. Whereas if a large corporation comes in and wants to use their song, its 25-50 grand just for a song/jingle they did in two days.

Its next to impossible to make money as a new musician anymore. Contracts are still very much in the lables favour. Reading more like Loans to get them the money they need to record rather then to pay them for their product.

Oct 04, 2008, 14:19