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Why So Expensive?
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Re: Why So Expensive?

I try not to discuss too much with him about finances. (cuze he is my employee and its not my business) But they were the free down load of the week once in the american itunes store. meaning thousands and thousands and thousands of downloads, potentially leading into more sales. (this was about a year ago) and they have yet to see a cheque from apple/itunes. he said getting approved for itunes is a privledge in its own. One that apparently gets you no money. Mind you there may be a threshold or certain amount of sales before they cut you a cheque. I am unsure of the details of it, but they are gaining interest on the artists money from the artists product.. you know what i mean? Kinda sad. it really de-demonises illegal downloads. and re-demonises legal paid sites. At least for those who are at the very least anti-establishment/anti-capatists and im sure there are a few of them here.

I will pay Top Dollar for a product i beleive in. However the artists should be making the majority of that dollar. And that is sadly not the case. And hasnt been for a very long time.

Oct 05, 2008, 02:32