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Why So Expensive?
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Re: Why So Expensive?

The wackiest thing is -- I've been tagged as the Forum Republican. I'm a true capitalist in every sense, but there are some things that I've never understood.

One of the things I noticed when I visited London was how cheap American food is. Unlike music, we grow it just a few miles away. It's dirt cheap, and I'm realizing how downright lucky we are here. I can get an ear of corn for 10 cents, a pound of broccoli for 79 cents, and a gallon of orange juice for $5 here in Midwestern USA.

Ironically, the same dynamic exists; the same % for these products "peculate" down to the actual farmer. Unfortunately, in many cases, the farmer is an immigrant who is lucky to make minimum wage. It's someone that spends 60 hours a week bent over a field in a very hot sun.

What I'm trying to say is -- I'd gladly pay $1 for an ear of corn and for a pound of broccoli if it meant a better living for these people. It wouldn't break me. But I can't say the same thing for supporting the artists because a few $20 CDs do break me every month.

So. . .enter file sharing. We're surrounded by cornfields here, but I would never walk into a field and grab some free corn. I couldn't do that to the farmer. But in order to have music in my world, I'm quite happy to screw a label and yank tunes.


Oct 05, 2008, 06:59