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Why So Expensive?
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Re: itunes Royalties

Well, I'm not sure how it's done with the major labels, but for indie artists ITunes is a pretty good deal. Firstly, there's no process for being placed in ITunes, you just send in your cd (usually through a third party like CdBaby or TuneCore), and then they post it about a month after they receive it. My share off ITunes sales are 70 cents for each song sold, and if it's one that I independently released (Lounge Act), I get it all, and with ones that I released through the label I'm on, I get half of it.

But times have definitely gotten extremely tough for performing and recording musicians. One reason for sure is the whole P2P and music blog thing. The other is the flooding of the market by what would be considered "amateur" musicians, since it is now so easy to just buy a computer and a recording interface, and do an entire album. I personally think that's a great thing on the creative side, but it definitely makes things harder for "the market."

I could talk and bitch about this all day, but the bottom line is just do whatever you think you should. Although things look like they're getting worse for musicians, there is the possibility that everything will bottom out in the industry and we'll have to re-tool it, hopefully in a more beneficial way to musicians.

Oct 05, 2008, 17:14