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Why So Expensive?
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I recently just got into free DLs, and already I am disillusioned with it. I only DL stuff I am vaguely interested in - to 'suck it and see', if you like. So now my itunes and ipod have dozens of songs on there that I dont really like. I'll keep them because over time I might have an epiphany....

I'd never illegaly DL a Stereolab album without buying it later. Or, indeed, any of 'my bands'. I'm a physical kind of guy, I guess. I really love buying LPs with free mp3 DL - in fact that is the future of music if you ask me!

It was interesting to read your comments on farmers being poor and hard-up in your area. In the UK farmers are seen as money-grabbing greedy rich sods - they arent really well liked or respected at all. In fact some people have really savoured so many farmers going out of business in recent years (a pecuiliarly British thing taking pleasure out of others misfortune).

Regarding royalties for music makers, I once read that Mick Hucknall of Simply Red earned ?20m during the course of his contract. A nice sum, until you hear that the record co. made ?280m in the same time - yikes!!

Nobody forces them to sign those contracts though, right?

Oct 05, 2008, 20:16