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Why So Expensive?
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Re: Why So Expensive?

cybele wrote:
I am trying to justify my actions because the damn things have been, and continue to be, overcharged. How can a DVD cost less than a CD when it costs $100 Million to make a movie?

I feel the same way about College. There really isn't much of a justification for why these costs clip higher than general inflation.

If the artists are getting a pittance, then why bother giving most of the money to a label?


My Boyfriend works for a university and i cant tell you how much money they waste. His boss does LITERALLY NOTHING. and makes 80grand a year.

In iceland University is only 500$ a year and that i beleive is controled by the government.

Ps. Please report to the avatar thread and explain yourself.

Oct 06, 2008, 23:36