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Plone, the unreleased second album
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basil too
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Re: Posting links - OK or not?

Exactly my feelings.

In terms of posting links anyway.

In terms of downloading, I think it is a completely legitimate way to hear before buying. I have downloaded many things that I bought and many more things that got deleted after one listen.

I wish iTunes would make full songs available, instead of 30 secornd clips, at low bit rate, say 64 kbps. It would save downloading the whole album to see if it is worth buying.

Digital boom helps British music sales hit record

"2008 was the biggest sales year on record in terms of singles sales in all formats, with 115 million single tracks sold."

"While downloads of single tracks have soared, the market for albums has also been helped by growing online sales: some 10 million albums were sold, a 65 per cent increase on 2007."

"The industry has struggled in recent years to adapt to rapidly changing technologies, and has been hit hard by illegal downloading of music via peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing websites."

This last paragraph is what drives me crazy! The industry HAS NOT been hit hard. They had a fucking RECORD year! P2P is GOOD for the music industry. I have bought at least a dozen CD's that I would never have heard of without Private Bit Torrent Trackers.

Copied and Pasted to a new Topic.

Please Reply there. Not Here in the Plone topic.

Jan 10, 2009, 19:06


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