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Membership stocktake
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Re: Membership stocktake

cyberpainter wrote:
Dara wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Basil hasn't been around...

I'm not surprised really. He was savaged by some members here (one in particular) when he was selling his Lab collection. I found his treatment disgusting considering the fantastic work he did with the 'live project' which was dedicated to Mary, and his 'discography' website. He must have thought 'I give up'.

I can imagine he would 'lurk' here from time to time, and he may even be back some time in the future - personally, I hope so...

I don't remember this savage treatment, was it someone complaining about prices or something? He didn't chat too often about things, but certainly contributed a great deal in the past with the live project and ends and odds. Kinda sad he sold his collection. Wish he hadn't taken down the discography, it would be so nice if that was preserved and able to go back up some day, even seems like the band would be happy to have that up. Glad someone else has put theirs up though.

I will try to find some post history about it all. I'm not surprised he took it down - he must have thought it was made 'dirty' by the negativity he received...

But maybe he just moved on - that can happen too.

Nov 16, 2011, 19:02


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