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Membership stocktake
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Re: Membership stocktake

cyberpainter wrote:
Dara wrote:
I'm not surprised he took it down - he must have thought it was made 'dirty' by the negativity he received...

But maybe he just moved on - that can happen too.

Wow that would be pretty extreme, can't imagine that's the case. Letting a few grumps on a message board influence whether you keep up a beautiful website? I suspected it was the cost, but what do I know.

I really don't want to dredge anything up with this, but facts are facts - eh? this was the beginning of it:

and more of it here:

I can't remember how it all ended and I can't be bothered searching any more threads, but I recall this was the start of the problems...

Nov 16, 2011, 19:57


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