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Membership stocktake
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Re: Membership stocktake

cyberpainter wrote:
Dara wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Dara wrote:

Well perhaps. I can't imagine he was very happy about it or inspired to give freely of any more of his time again in support of the groop and their fans.

It would be very nice to hear from Basil again though that's for sure!.

Well again, the groop and their fans are not the same as one guy.

Maybe we had better ask Basil that if he ever comes back. As you well know it is never a case of 'just one guy' on here. Sides are taken, alliances are made. Even though these alliances are largely unvoiced and manifest themselves as a few sarcastic asides here and there, their effect is pretty powerful, as many have complained about in the past - mentioning no names of course :p

I read the two links you gave me, and unless I missed something, none of it sounded like lots of people ganging up on Basil. Just one curmudgeon guy. So I guess I'd need to see evidence before I agree with your assessment of unnamed people on here being sarcastic to him and driving him away and leading to him deleting his webpage. And ps, if he does come back I wouldn't waste his time dredging up something like that.


Nov 17, 2011, 05:08


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